Inspired People

Our core team consists of experts on AI system building, evaluation, deployment, and education. We work together with companies and the open-source community to build a better, stronger, and more inclusive AI development ecosystem. Would you be interested in working together? Contact us for more details.

Graham Neubig

Founder, CEO

Graham Neubig is the co-founder and CEO of Inspired Cognition and an Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon University. He is a prolific AI researcher, teaches popular classes on the topic, and has been lead developer of a number of widely-used open source toolkits. His knowledge spans across natural language processing, with particular expertise in question answering, code generation, multilingual applications, and speech processing.

Yusuke Oda

Founder, CTO

Yusuke Oda is the co-founder and CTO of Inspired Cognition. He has rich experience in developing AI models in industry, including past positions at Google and as head of AI at LegalForce. His expertise lies in not only model deployment but also system engineering around AI, such as developing data pipelines and ML middleware. He also has performed R&D on topics such as machine translation and code generation.

Pengfei Liu

Founder, Scientific Advisor

Pengfei Liu is co-founder and Scientific Advisor of Inspired Cognition. He is known for ground-breaking work on learning and evaluation methods for natural language processing, and his software projects ExplainaBoard and DataLab are core Inspired offerings. His particular areas of subject matter expertise include summarization, information extraction, and large language models.