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Inspired Cognition was founded with the singular idea: how can we optimize AI system development, making it more efficient, effective, and reliable?

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Inspired Cognition

Modern AI systems are opaque. We build tools to optimize the AI R&D lifecycle, rapidly identifying system pain points and inspiring creative solutions that solve your most pressing problems.

Supported Products

Inspired Cognition was founded based on award-winning research and open-source software developed in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University, and many others. See a sampling of the tools we currently support below:


ExplainaBoard provides “explainable leaderboards” that allow you to compare and contrast the performance of your systems on a fine-grained level, identifying pain points and improving performance effectively.


EaaS provides “evaluation as a service,” allowing you to assess the quality of generated texts using a number of state-of-the-art techniques through a simple API call.


Creating good training data is a science; DataLab is your lab. DataLab allows you to efficiently locate, assess, and manipulate datasets to create the ideal training data for your needs.

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Why Inspired

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming as much of a force for world progress as software. However, unlike traditional software engineering, AI engineering introduces a variety of new challenges. Specifically, developing AI systems involves a large amount of design choices with uncertain implications.